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Since its establishment in 1975, SDIS has grown into a school for excellence, sustained by driven students and teachers.

Here at SDIS we’re proud of our history and of our alumni. We embrace everyone who has ever been a part of our school community and to stay connected with our worldwide family, because you constitute a very important part of our school. You represent our core values in an ever successful way. Whether you spent one year or 12 at SDIS, you share a very unique type of togetherness that our Alumni community wishes to cultivate, cherish and enhance.

Be it former students and graduates, parents, staff or faculty members, come reconnect with your former school, classmates, colleagues or teachers.

At the beginning of your SDIS journey, the question was ‘’Where are you from?’’. Today, we ask you ‘’Where are you now?’’ and encourage you to reach out to us and let us show how we are still here for you.

If you are a former student and want to keep in touch, please contact our Alumni Officer, Mr. Eduardo Botelho:


I was a student since I was 3 to 10 years old and I loved
my primary experience because SDIS gives a lot of importance to the arts: theatre, music, art classes and that was great.

Still today I speak fluently English and I believe it gave me a good preparation in terms of Maths, Science, besides the international part in which you learn a
lot about other cultures.


1993, Portuguese
Class of 1996-2004

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