About Us

Mission and Values

Nurturing and Educating International Minds

The mission of St. Dominic’s International School (SDIS) is to nurture people and cultivate international mindedness and a sense of global citizenship by offering a quality international education which develops the unique intellectual, social, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual characteristics inherent in each person.

Learning at St. Dominic’s International School

The educational programme and learning at SDIS is inspired by, and constructed from, the twin influences of the International Baccalaureate Organization and its IB Learner Profile, and the Dominican motto of ‘Veritas’ held by the founders of the school which value the commitment to learning through inquiry and
an on-going search for truth.

Our Beliefs

As educators, the search for truth shapes and informs our beliefs that each student is:

A unique person with rights and responsibilities.

Able to learn and develop the positive qualities of respect for self, others and the environment.

Able to achieve to the limits of his or her own capacities.

We value and promote​

The role of parents as the first educators of their children and the school’s role as co-educators.

The contribution of parents to the development of school community.

The commitment and shared contribution of all staff to the mission and philosophy of learning of the school.

A concept of internationalism which includes the obligation to contribute to the development of a sustainable future for our planet, the need to embrace and respect diverse cultures, nationalities and religious convictions and the responsibility to play an active and positive role in creating a just society.

The acquisition of the skills of cooperative learning and open, honest communication by all members of the school community.

The exercise of thinking and reasoning powers of all learners enabling them to make positive and wise decisions.

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